Summer Music

We are grateful to members of the Elgin Chorale and the Chamber Choir and to the organists who provided music for the Sunday services during July and August. Maintaining good music during the summer months enhances the worship and is much appreciated. As autumn begins we welcome back the boys, girls and gentlemen of the Choir, and wish them well as they start into a new term after the summer break.

Thank you Anúna!

Thank you to all who supported the Anúna concert on Saturday 18 June. All the proceeds from the concert were given to the Restoration Fund. A total of €3,201 was added to the fund as a result! Thank you to all at Anúna for their help and support.

Saint Kevin’s Way

GlendaloughPilgrimage has always been an important part of the Christian tradition and of that sense of journeying together in faith. As part of the fundraising efforts for the Saint Bartholomew’s Church Restoration Appeal we will be running a sponsored walk of part of the ancient Irish pilgrim route of Saint Kevin’s Way and anyone is welcome to join us. To take part you will need a sponsorship sheet with all of the necessary information (including maps and safety information) which you can get by contacting the parish office (01 668 8522) or by email ( The event takes place on Saturday 21 May and we will gather at the upper car park at the summit of the Wicklow Gap at 10.30am. The whole walk at an easy pace should take around three hours to complete, including a break for lunch. For those with fitness concerns, the walk is all down hill! Do come and join us if you can for this event.

BACI Lent course

The launch of the BACI 2016 Lent course on Reconciliation took place on Tuesday 26 January at Church House. This is the study which the Saint Ann’s Rural Deanery will be using as a joint Lenten Course. Details on the Lenten courses are available in the brochure here. The events will take place on Wednesdays during Lent and all are encouraged to take part in a spirit of self-examination and repentance.

Archbishops and Bishops Flood Appeal

Extensive hardship is being experienced in many places across the island of Ireland as a result of recent floods. The Archbishops and Bishops are leading a Church of Ireland response to this crisis to raise funds to provide emergency grants to help people with immediate needs in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

People have been left without food, shelter, warmth and clothing as a result of flooding and water damage. The Archbishops and Bishops ask you to respond with generosity.
Clergy are being asked to draw this appeal to the attention of members of their parishes and the means of making donations is set out below.

If you, or someone you know, is experiencing hardship as a result of flooding, you can apply for assistance on a form that has been made available to your rector, or the rural dean or diocesan office (if you have a vacancy). The Church is being assisted by Protestant Aid, a charitable body with experience in the provision of welfare assistance in the allocation of funds. Where appropriate, parishes or other local and charitable agencies will also be used to channel funds.

Individual donations may be made in the following ways:
Or by € or £ cheque to: ‘The Representative Church Body: Bishops’ Flood Appeal’. Send this to Church House, Church Avenue, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

Yours sincerely,
+ Richard Armagh
+ Michael Dublin